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2019 Calendar

2019 Calendar


2019 tiny hangable calendars, size A5.

You can choose between the already colored one, with colorful illustrations for every month, and the DIY one, with black and white illustrations with golden accents only. The second option can be used as an anti-stress couloring book (which is also a calendar!), a fun colouring game for your kids or just as a simple, elegant and minimalist calendar for your home.

All illustrations are about a girl and a kitsune (are they friends? Or two forms of the same yokai? Who knows...) always accompanied by beautiful flowers, which belong to the various months, according to japanese traditions. And like flowers, they continue to change, without an age but always beautiful.

Once you welcome your calendar at home, let me know how you feel about the illustration in your month! I'm really curious and I hope they meet your heart.

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